Lab-engineered peptide blend 'Matrixyl 3000' and its anti-ageing benefits

Every day we are bombarded with ubiquitous claims made by skincare brands about the miracles that their products can perform on your skin. Are these claims a fact or fiction and what is the magic potion stirred into these products that cost a fortune to buy.

The use of peptides in anti-ageing skincare products is getting popular as they play a major role in the development of anti-ageing skincare products.

Peptides are biologically occurring short chains of amino acids that in protein form is an essential part of human cells and tissues. They are quite often found as messenger proteins and hormones. Also their degradation products, i.e. the amino acids are key players in the field of cosmetic skin care. In particular peptides are the building blocks of the skin supporting structures collagen and elastin.

'Matrixyl 3000' is an innovative ingredient that is a synergistic combination of two peptides (palmitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl-tetrapeptide-7). The cosmetic ingredient is developed by Sederma laboratories and is incorporated in a variety of cosmetic skincare products. The combination of palmitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 easily penetrates into the skin resulting in dual actions - stimulating the synthesis of collagen thus toning and firming the skin and decreasing skin inflammation response. The inflammatory process in the skin tissues leads to collagen and elastin degradation and loss of firmness and wrinkle formation.

The human ('in-vivo') study conducted on 24 volunteers reported a 15% reduction in wrinkle depth, 14% reduction of skin roughness and 15% increase in skin tone after two months of daily application.

However, peptides are not enough to address all the needs of the skin. A good skin care product must also include antioxidants and skin soothing and replenishing ingredients besides the repairing properties of peptides. Peptides on their own are not enough to achieve a long lasting healthy, radiant and youthful looking skin. This is where ingredients like soothing Damask rose, rare mighty anti-oxidant Mountain tea and replenishing Red clover are a fantastic complement to the powerful anti-ageing benefits of the 'Matrixyl 3000'. By combining all these actives, we have formulated safe, highly effective and balanced skin care products to address multiple and premature signs of ageing.

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