With an MSc in Finance from a Russel Group university in the UK, Anastasiya walked away from a job in risk management at a central bank to pursue the two things closest to her heart - family and entrepreneurship.


Hello, my name is Anastasiya. Thanks for taking the time to read a bit more about me. I hope you are able to relate to some aspects of my story and connect with Ellora Skincare on a deeper level.


Who is Ellora

Ellora skincare is a brand that I have developed from scratch with a lot of passion and a vision for inclusivity. A proud mother of two boys, diversity and inclusion begins at home for me. Coming from Bulgaria and married to an Indian national, exploring my true identity and carving a niche for myself has been a rich and humbling journey. The Ellora brand embodies our multinational and multicultural family and in every way is my third child. The name Ellora was in reality earmarked for a girl child until we discovered that our first child was, in fact, a boy.


From Finance to Family to Fulfillment

Within a few months of finishing an MSc in Finance from a prestigious Russel Group UK university, I delivered my first child and started interviewing for banking jobs in London. However, something did not add up at a deeper level which eventually made me walk away from a job in risk management at a central bank.


Several months of self-interrogation and introspection led me to the conclusion that my true passion and fulfillment lay in family and entrepreneurship. Those difficult months of reflection convinced me that Ellora had to be a brand and business focussed on building self-confidence and self-awareness by living, looking and feeling good. Ellora Skincare’s services and products are therefore dedicated to these causes and values.


Besides an MSc in Finance, I have for several years pursued my true passion for aesthetics and cosmetic science. I hold the prestigious CIDESCO diploma which gives me deep knowledge in all aspects of skin and aesthetics. I am also a passionate researcher and an experienced practitioner in 'all things skin and aesthetics'.


Rosa Damascena, the beautiful Bulgarian Rose

My home country Bulgaria is famous for the Bulgarian Rose and its highly regarded rose oil which forms the base of the most luxurious cosmetic formulations. The concentration and the best quality of the rose oil have for several years helped the formation of a highly professional cosmetic manufacturing industry in Bulgaria where several global brands have set up manufacturing supply chains. Several of Ellora Skincare products have the same high quality rose oil as a base ingredient.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about my journey and that of Ellora. If you have any questions or suggestions or would like to inspire others by sharing your own story or journey, please do so on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/elloraskincare



Look better, live better, feel better 

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