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we are holistic Skincare

Do you think of your skin as "just an outer covering", a separate organ - unrelated to anything else in your body? Well, we think of the skin as an interface between the outer world and not just our inner bodies but also our souls. 


Science will tell you that our skin is connected to every system in the body - from cardiovascular and digestive systems to immune, muscular, reproductive, endocrine, lymphatic, nervous, urinary, and skeletal systems.


In a world where we are mostly encouraged to "fake it, in order to make it"; it is tempting to pursue "instant perfection" by relying on quick-fix skincare solutions like make-up and injectibles.


We genuinely believe in holistic skincare and will go beyond to tell you that the human touch - from the rubbing of cheeks, the first skin-to-skin contact with a baby, the petting of our furry friends, and most of our other connections with the universe happen with the exchange of energies through the largest organ in our body - Our Skin. 

"At Ellora Skincare® we understand that the roots of healthy skin are not just skin deep, they are way deeper"

"Ellora is an exchange of energy"

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ABout the founder

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With an MSc in Finance from a Russel Group UK university, Anastasiya walked away from a job in risk management at a central bank to pursue the two things closest to her heart - family and entrepreneurship. 

A mother of two boys, she endured a significant lack of self-confidence in her teenage years due to the adverse effects of acne which stoked a deep interest in all things related to holistic skin wellness.

Besides an MSc in Finance, Anastasiya holds the prestigious CIDESCO and CIBTAC diplomas which give her expert knowledge in all aspects of skin treatments. She is also a passionate researcher and an experienced practitioner.