eGift Card

£10 - £200
You can't go wrong with a gift card. Choose an amount and write a personalized message to make this gift your own....

Frequently asked questions

How do I purchase the Ellora Skincare gift card?

Please select an amount ie. £25, £50, £100, £150, £200, enter the recipient's details and complete the check-out. After successfully completing checkout, you will receive an email confirmation about the purchase.

How do gift card recipients get their cards?

The gift card recipient gets an email with the subject line "You just got a gift card from Firstname Lastname" (with the relevant name). Their unique gift card code appears in the email.

How do recipients redeem gift cards at checkout?

To redeem the gift card, the recipient heads over to and chooses the treatment or prodcuts they would like to purchase. During payment, they select the Redeem a gift card option and enter their unique gift card code.

What happens if the order total is more than the remaining gift card value?

If the sale is worth more than the value of the gift card, the recipient can pay for the remaining cost using all the regular payment methods like Debit/Credit card, Paypal, LayBuy or Klarna installments.

Can gift card holders check their balance?

Currently, it is not possible for recipients to check their gift card balance.

Can the gift card be redeemed in your store?

Yes. All giftcards can be redeemed for tratments or products at our 47 London Road, Southborough, TN4 0PB store

How long is the gift card valid from the date of purchase?

We follow industry best satndards! The Ellora Skincare Clinic gift card is valid for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase.

Can the gift card be redeemed for cash by the recepient?

No. It is only possible to redeem the gift card for treatments and products purchased online or in-store