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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Following a basic skincare routine is the first step to achieving healthy skin, your best accessory.

  • Any basic skincare routine should be performed daily.

  • It should be simple, pleasurable and not time-consuming.

  • More advanced, specialised skin treatment can be easily incorporated into your basic routine.

The basic skincare routine should be performed morning and evening and the typical steps are the following:

Exfoliation should not be part of your daily routine as daily exfoliation can lead to skin damage and irritation and may contribute to ageing. Exfoliation once a week is usually sufficient.

Protection from ultraviolet light (both UVA and UVB) is critical for any skincare routine. A good broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) sunscreen should be applied on top of your moisturiser as a final step of your morning routine. Using hybrid skin care products with added UV filters like a BB cream or CC cream can be convenient and time-saving.

We highly recommend the Ellora Skincare CC Complete Care Cream (30ml) which is a smart 3-in-1 product that combines a serum with active ingredients like Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Matrigenics 14G which restructures the extra-cellular matrix to redefine the triangle of beauty, SPF 20. It provides light coverage that blurs all imperfections for flawless looking skin and comes in two variations - for dry and sensitive skin and for combination and oily skin.

The steps of a basic skincare routine should be adjusted to fit your skin type. It is very important to determine your skin type before you settle into a skincare routine that is best for you. You also should keep in mind that your skin type may change with the season, diet and age. In particular, during winter skin tends to be drier and also during menopause skin type changes to dry. For example, adding more fats to your diet will affect the dry skin type beneficially thus making it normal. You should be aware of the changes happening to your skin and adjust accordingly your daily skincare routine.

However, if you are noticing signs of premature ageing like stressed, tired or dull skin, skin pigmentation due to excessive sun exposure, dry, patchy or rough skin etc. the basic skin care routine as such is usually not enough. Therefore, a well-selected skincare product with scientifically proven active ingredients should be added to your daily skincare routine in order to address a specific skin concern. However, the benefits of the products for specialised skin treatment depend on how you integrate them into your basic routine.

In particular, applying a product for specialised skin treatment to non-cleansed skin prevents the proper penetration of active ingredients. If you apply it after your moisturiser, this can also reduce the penetration of the active ingredients because some moisturisers have occlusive properties and they stay on top of the skin forming a protective layer.

The best time to apply products for specialised skin treatment is as part of your night routine and on well cleansed, thoroughly rinsed and gently patted with a soft towel skin, i.e. when your skin is clean, warm and slightly moist.

Applying these specialised skin treatment products at night while sleeping allows the skin to repair itself, produce new collagen and boost the blood flow thus allowing the skin metabolism to make the most of the active skin treatment.

Since many of the products for specialized skin treatment have moisturising ingredients, you can forego applying moisturizer on top. However, if you feel that you need additional moisturizing, wait a few minutes until the special treatment product is fully absorbed into your skin and then proceed with your favourite moisturiser.

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